How to Choose a Faux Fur Jacket

A faux fur jacket can be a versatile piece of outerwear this winter. Whether you wear it over a sweater or over a dress, a faux fur coat is a perfect way to stay warm in the cold months. This stylish piece has a collarless design and long sleeves. It can be paired with almost any style, including jeans and ankle boots. Listed below are some tips to make sure you choose the perfect jacket for your wardrobe.

The process of manufacturing a faux fur garment begins with a backing fabric. This is usually cotton or wool. The backing fabric is then heated to ensure it is stable and that the fibers stay in place on the backing. Next, the fabric is cut using a wire brush or a knife. Then, a mix of chemicals is applied to the fabric to enhance the feel and look of the fibers. After the fibers are processed, the garment is packaged and labeled.

The hottest trend this fall is the faux fur jacket. The combination of warmth and comfort make it the perfect outerwear choice. You can pair your faux fur jacket with any dress and even add a cute scarf for the ultimate in coziness. Even better, a faux fur coat is so comfortable you won’t even notice it’s not real. You can wear it on a lunch date, or to the beer garden late at night.

You can find a faux fur jacket online or in a department store near you. Buying one online doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Just make sure that you try it on for size. This is important, because faux fur is not stretchy. If you’re not sure whether it will look good on you, try it on in the store first! It’s much easier than buying a real one and risking your health.

When choosing a faux fur jacket, look for quality. Real fur is a good choice for warmth, but it can be hard to tell the difference when you can’t feel it! Some faux fur is even more durable and warmer, and it feels great against the skin. The French laboratory EMITECH published a study comparing faux fur and mink jackets and found that faux fur offered equal protection against freezing temperatures. Those who live in extreme environments will always opt for synthetics.

A good way to clean your faux fur jacket is to hand wash it. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser when washing it. Drying it in a dryer is not the best idea, as the excessive heat can melt or tangle the fur. Using a dryer may reduce its lifespan. You can also try a gentler wash cycle if the faux fur is made of polyester. After you’ve done all of this, make sure to apply a fabric conditioner or softener to the fabric.

A faux fur coat is an excellent way to keep warm in the cold weather without being cruel to animals. Faux fur coats come in a wide range of colors and cuts. And, with the price tag of only a few dollars, you can afford to purchase one of these stylish pieces.