Home Maintenance Checklist: Tasks You’ll Regret Skipping

You probably have created a checklist before for maintaining your house. There are tasks that homeowners often overlook or ignore which is why they have to review their home maintenance checklist from time to time. It’s easy to overlook crucial home maintenance tasks that might create headaches or worse, cost you money if you ignore them. Listed below are just some of the common tasks that homeowners often forget.

Test the Sump Pump

It’s easy to overlook your sump pump, yet it’s vital. Avoid dealing with a flooded house if ever that you have arrived home from a vacation by checking the sump pump. It can also be a good idea to use a vertical float switch. Also, test your pump by pouring water into the basin to ensure it works correctly.

Check for High Water Pressure

High water pressure may damage pipes and appliances. It causes water hammer and wastes a lot of water. Checking for high water pressure is a simple but sometimes missed maintenance task. Home stores provide a new pressure-reducing valve and a basic pressure gauge that attaches to a tub faucet or a spigot.

Clean Window Weep Holes

Many vinyl replacement and sliding windows feature weep holes on the bottom. These holes are used to drain rainwater from the frame’s bottom channel. Bugs and dirt may clog weep holes, causing water to back up into your home.

Pour a glass of water into the track or spray the exterior of the window to test the weep system. If the weep hole isn’t leaking clean water, push a wire hanger into it or blow it out with compressed air. With a putty knife, remove and replace the small flapper.

Cleaning Fridge Coils

The condenser coils are on the rear or bottom of the fridge. Dust, cobwebs, and pet hair, clog the coils preventing effective heat output. As a consequence, your compressor works harder and longer than it should, wasting energy and decreasing your fridge’s life. Vacuum and clean the coils. A flexible coil-cleaning brush cleans well.

Cleaning Window Wells

A blocked gutter can discharge a lot of water adjacent to your home and into the window well after a storm. This can also lead to water surged into the basement, destroying everything. It can be an advantage to look for window cover.

Drain Sediment from Water Heaters to Extend Life

Sediment accumulation may cause electric water heaters to fail. So emptying a water heater will save money and prolong its life. Draining water heaters is recommended once a year.

Lubricate or Replace Springs of the Garage Door

Lubricate the top torsion springs above the roller tracks. However, lubricating them at least once a year will extend their life. Spraying is messy so you have to cover the wall behind the spring with cardboard. Lubricate the rollers, track, and the hinges.

Look the Presence of Mice Nests

Check for mouse nests before starting a vehicle or piece of equipment that has been idle for a time. Mice nests may also overheat electronics and jam carburetors.

Clean Dryer Vents

A clogged dryer vent makes your dryer inefficient and can trigger a devastating home fire! Stronger scents and longer dry periods indicate a clogged vent. To clean it, you’ll need to remove the dryer’s rear vent.

These are just the most important things that your home maintenance checklist should have if you want to maintain a clean and functional house and prevent accidents.