Harlequin CBD is a sativa-dominant strain known for its high levels of CBD.

It is truly as fascinating as the famous character after whom it is named.

Long before there were clowns, there was Harlequin, a comic character from the Italian Comedy of Art.

The name Harlequin refers to “ Arlecchino” , a shape-shifting acrobat who was comically bad at scheming plots .


It has a sweet, mango-like flavor that delights and excites the taste buds, and also offers a creamy, woody note in the exhale.

The Harlequin CBD cannabis strain is a sativa that has an earthy, sweet mango-like smell that can also be woody or vinous.

We are probably not exaggerating, in fact, if we say that Harlequin is one of the best qualities we have ever had in stock!


Harlequin CBD is a medium to large, very compact flower with a very pronounced flavor and aroma, with clear notes of hazelnut, the sweetness of citrus and tropical wood.

Its buds are dark green with dark red hairs when ready for harvest.

Harlequin CBD Cultivation Method.

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid (up to 75%) and is a cross of Harlequin’s parent strains are three sativas: Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Sativa.

It is most famous for its CBD content, which can sometimes reach 27%.

This is also a good variety for new consumers.

This variety is a good choice for beginner growers, being easy to grow in 60-70 days. It is not advisable to over-extend the flowering period, as this will reduce the poeticness of the CBD content.

Harlequin plants get quite dense.

Derived from the Thai family, Thai is a phenotype of Cannabis Native to Thailand, with its genetics occurring naturally in its native land.

Although it is possible to grow Harlequin both indoors and outdoors, the CBD content is enhanced by growing it indoors in a controlled environment.

Being grown indoors, we pay special attention to the relative humidity level of our grow room to ensure the highest Quality product.

When harvest time approaches, the pistils take on a deep red or orange color with ice white undertones, It can produce an outstanding yield of up to 200 grams when grown Indoor.


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