Guidelines For Use And Conservation Of Watches

That the watch is a hit of any season, we already know! We can even say that it is one of the most democratic accessories in the fashion world, as it manages to please everyone — men, women, young people, and children.

But despite being always present in different styles, few are the people who know how to care for a watch. Are you one of them? So, to get rid of this problem once and for all, take a look at our list of recommendations for use:

Clean the product frequently using a soft, dry cloth. For safe cleaning, it’s essential to leave chemicals aside. They can corrode some accessory components.

Avoid using the watch near electromagnetic fields or areas with static electricity. Doing so could damage the electronics in the circuit.

Wear your watch at a pool or spa? Think carefully! When coming into contact with chlorine, some metallic elements present in the piece’s composition may change, such as changes in color or structural damage. Be careful, and there are specific watches for use in water.

Avoid thermal shocks. Never leave your watch in the sun or scorching environments for a very long time. The ideal is to keep the piece in the shade and in airy spaces, agreed?

Is the product showing signs of internal moisture? If “yes,” run! Immediately seek Authorized Technical Assistance. Moisture can oxidize the metallic elements or even damage the electronic components of the product.

Never attempt to disassemble the watch or remove the back cover. If necessary, see a specialist.

If you’re looking to retire your accessory for a while, try to leave your crown – that famous “side pin” pulled. This care will increase battery life. Why work while it’s stored, right?

Sports and watching do not always go together. Friction and contact during some physical activities can compromise your product. In addition, excessive sweating can change the color of the garment, causing it to fade.

Most of the golden watches like rolex submariner (โร เล็ก ซ์ submariner which is the term in Thai) went through a plating process, not being a solid gold piece. For this reason, the ideal is to avoid contact with chemical and cleaning products so as not to corrode the bath!

Perfumes, hairspray, lotions, and other cosmetics contain chemicals that can also damage your watch. Perfume, for example, when applied directly to the piece, helps to reduce its useful life due to the alcohol in the composition. The ideal is to remove the accessory before applying any product, wait a few minutes, and put it back on. One more essential detail!