Financing Options For FTM Top Surgery

If you have ever heard of FTM top surgery, you may be wondering what it is and how it can help people. Ftm top surgery, or “Female to Male” top surgery, is a type of gender-affirming procedure that allows trans men to achieve a masculine chest shape and eliminates the need for chest binding. This procedure can provide a sense of freedom and comfortability to trans men who wish to feel comfortable in their bodies. 

What Happens During FTM Top Surgery? 

During an FTM top surgery, a surgeon removes excess tissue from the breasts to create a more masculine contour. The procedure is typically done under general anesthesia and takes around two hours depending on what type of surgery is being performed. Generally speaking, there are three types of FTM top surgeries: double incision (also known as keyhole), periareolar (or “puffy nipple”) and unilateral mastectomy (removal of only one breast). Each type has its own set of pros and cons; your surgeon will be able to discuss which option would be best for you based on your anatomy, desired outcome, and lifestyle factors. 

Keyhole Mastectomy: Keyhole mastectomy is similar to DI in that it involves removing excess breast tissue and rearranging existing tissue to create a flatter contour; however, it differs in that no incisions are made along the sides of the chest wall. Instead, an incision is made around each nipple so that excess tissue can be removed through small openings without having to make large incisions along either side of the chest wall. This type of surgery leaves minimal scarring around each nipple and requires much less recovery time than DI because it does not involve extensive reshaping or removal/repositioning of tissues on the chest wall. 

Recovery Time After FTM Top Surgery 

Recovery time after an FTM top surgery will depend on the individual’s body and overall health prior to the procedure. Generally speaking, patients should expect to take at least one week off work or school following their operation. It is also important to note that pain medication may be necessary during this recovery period in order to minimize discomfort. Additionally, bandages should remain on the chest area for at least two weeks while stitches are healing properly. Some swelling may occur during this time as well; applying ice packs regularly can help reduce inflammation. 


FTM top surgery can provide trans men with freedom from chest binding while allowing them to achieve a more masculine look that they are comfortable with. It is important for those considering this procedure to do thorough research beforehand in order to find out what type of operation would be best for them and understand the potential risks involved with any surgical procedure before committing. However, if done correctly by an experienced surgeon with proper follow-up care afterward, many trans men have found that having an FTM top surgery was an ultimately positive experience that helped them better express their gender identity comfortably in their own skin. Ultimately, everyone considering this procedure should make sure they are doing so for themselves and not other people’s opinions or expectations–the results can be life-changing!