Everything you want to understand about underfloor safes

Keeping your precious possessions a secret seems like a wise plan for protection. You can rely on high quality underfloor safes. They are designed to be installed in the ground. With such safes you would have peace of mind on various levels. For instance, you won’t worry about getting it stolen or forcefully broken into. Also, you won’t be concerned about space issues. They won’t take a single inch of your space surface.

The concept of an underfloor safe

As the name suggest, the idea of in-ground safes depends on hiding the safe under the floor. The safe consists of two main parts. The first one is the vault’s body which is encased in cement. The other part is the door, which in this case opens from the top. Encasing and even concealing the vault in cement or concrete adds more protection to precious belongings.

The majority of models of in-ground safes come with a round door. You can still find models with a rectangular one but they are not very common. A round lid or door provides versatility and flexibility with the concept of opening at the top. Rectangular or square doors won’t provide the same level of versatility. Such doors actually can get stuck easily, which is not a tolerable quality when dealing with safes.

An underfloor safe vs. a floorboard safe

Many people often think that an underfloor safe is the same as a floorboard one. But these two are different on many levels. For instance, floorboard safes are usually common in places with wooden floor. On the other hand, an underfloor safe works just fine with different types of floors. A floorboard safe should be only placed between the wooden floor’s joists. In-ground safes would be hidden underneath floor surface.

When it comes to safety and protection, an underground safe exceeds the floorboard one. The former is a lot heavier and typically more expensive, the latter is relatively lightweight and a lot cheaper.

Why would you need an underfloor safe?

The simplest and most straightforward answer is hiding your safe and keeping it out of sight. Only an underfloor safe can offer this option.

Also, your in-ground safe won’t ruin the appearance of your interiors. You don’t need to make any changes to your walls or your existing décor. All the work will take place under the floor. You might even add a new matching carpet or rug to conceal the safe’s location completely. No one would tell that there is a safe underneath the new armchair or mat.

Floor safes are not easy preys of fire. This is because they have a case or concrete to protect them. Concrete or cement are known for being fire resistant. The only thing that may threat such safes is flooding. If you don’t have such a risk, you would have nothing to worry about.

In a nutshell you will have a different experience with a floor safe. They give you flexibility in space matters. Also, they provide secrecy and virtual invisibility that you need for protecting expensive items and valuable documents.