Dr. William Siefert: When Should You Consult A Pain Management Specialist?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it can be pretty hard to find a doctor who really understands what you’re going through. A pain management specialist can help you get your life back by designing an individualized treatment plan that works for your needs. Dr. William Siefert will discuss some signs that it’s time to see a pain management specialist.

Your Pain Is Out Of Control

There is no way to measure pain objectively, and one person’s experience of it can be very different from another’s. Some people are more sensitive to pain than others, while some have learned to ignore or suppress their discomfort over time.

Because of this variability, it’s important not to assume that someone who has been diagnosed with chronic pain has an underlying problem just because they’re in pain. Sometimes all that’s needed is lifestyle changes (like losing weight), therapy (like cognitive behavioral therapy), or even just getting out into nature more often.

Your Pain Is Interfering With Your Life

The pain usually signals that something is wrong and tells you to take action. Pain can be caused by an underlying condition, such as arthritis or cancer, but it can also be a symptom of something more serious.

So if you’re experiencing chronic pain that interferes with your ability to function at work or home, Dr. William Siefert says that it’s time for a consultation with a pain management specialist who will recommend treatment options that are right for you.

You Want To Try A New Medication Or Treatment Method

If you’re looking to try a new medication or treatment method, a pain management specialist can greatly help. These medical specialists have professional experience with a wide range of treatments and may be able to recommend the best option for your situation.

For example, if you have been suffering from chronic back pain that hasn’t responded well to other treatments, pain management specialists might suggest trying an epidural injection before considering surgery on your spine.

A Doctor Who Specializes In Treating Pain Can Help You Get On The Right Track

When you’re suffering from pain, it can be difficult to know where to turn. A doctor who specializes in treating pain can help you get on the right track. A pain management specialist has advanced training in diagnosing and treating all types of chronic conditions that cause persistent discomfort or disability.

He or she will take into account your medical history and lifestyle factors before making a diagnosis and developing a plan for treatment. This doctor will also offer advice on how best to manage your condition over time, including ways to reduce your symptoms so they don’t interfere with daily life or activities such as work or exercise.

In conclusion, if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere with your pain, it might be time to see a specialist. A doctor who specializes in treating pain can help you get on the right track with treatment.

Other than that, these doctors will also have access to more resources than general practitioners or family physicians do when it comes time for invasive procedures like surgery or injections, which means they may be able to offer better solutions than what’s currently available at your local clinic.