Dr. Michael Poss: How To Prepare Yourself Before Getting A Facial

If you’ve never had a facial before, you may be wondering what to expect and how to prepare. The good news is that facials are easy to do at home – but they’re even easier if you take care of your skin in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Dr. Michael Poss will discuss how you should prepare before getting a facial.

Get A Facial Before You Need One

If you’re not getting regular facials now, then go ahead and book one for yourself! It’s the best way to make sure that when your skin does begin showing signs of aging, then there’s a good chance that those lines will be less noticeable or even nonexistent by then.

Facials aren’t just for older people, as they’re also great for younger folks who want to keep their faces looking fresh as they get older. A good facial can help with acne breakouts, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area (which tend to form much earlier than most people realize), and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage over time.

You Must Use A Good Exfoliator

A good exfoliator can help you get a clean, smooth skin. If you’re not quite sure what to buy, you must first use a scrub or cream that’s made specifically for your face. You don’t want to use something harsh on your face – as it will be too harsh and may cause irritation or damage your skin over time.

Exfoliate once or twice per week (depending on how dry or oily your skin is). This is really important because it removes dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, allowing new cells to come out more quickly so they can replace them!

Use A Good Cleanser

When getting a facial, it’s important to use a good cleanser. Your skin will be more sensitive than usual and the last thing you want is for your face to feel oily or dry.

If your skin is sensitive, choose a mild cleanser that won’t irritate it. And if you have dry skin, choose one with moisturizing properties such as oils or butter (e.g., coconut oil). This will help keep moisture in the upper layers of your epidermis so they don’t flake off when rubbed by exfoliating cloths during the treatment process.

For oily complexions, you must avoid bar soaps because they strip away natural oils from the surface layer of cells where oil glands reside. Opt instead for liquid facial washes containing ingredients like salicylic acid–a beta hydroxyl acid similar in structure to aspirin, which helps prevent breakouts by drying pore lining secretions before they clog pores with sebum.

Try A Mask Once Or Twice A Week

And lastly, Dr. Michael Poss believes that masking is a great way to get a facial in your own home. It’s also a good way to try new products, relax and unwind, or rid yourself of dead skin cells.

If you’re not sure where to start with masking, try an egg white mask once or twice a week (it can be used as part of your daily routine). If that sounds too difficult or time-consuming, try avocado instead–it’s much easier for even the most novice mounters.