Do-It-Yourself Fake IDs for the Desperate

When you think of a fake ID, what comes to mind? Most people automatically assume that fake IDs are used for underage drinking, but there are many other reasons why someone might choose to obtain a fake identification card, and one of these reasons is traveling. Using a fake ID for traveling purposes may sound risky, but it can actually have several benefits that can make your travels more enjoyable and hassle-free. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the benefits of using a fake ID for travel and what you need to know before getting one.

1. Greater flexibility in travel plans.

One of the advantages of using a fake ID for travel is greater flexibility in your travel plans. This is especially true when traveling internationally, where some countries may have strict age limits for activities like drinking, renting a car, or partaking in certain events. For example, many countries have a minimum drinking age of 18 or 21, which can be limiting if you are under the age requirement. A fake ID can help you bypass these age requirements and allow you to fully experience your destination.

2. Discretion and privacy.

Another advantage of using a fake ID for travel is discretion and privacy. Traveling can be a personal and private experience, and having to show your government-issued ID at every check-in can be frustrating and invasive. A fake ID, on the other hand, can give you a sense of privacy, allowing you to keep your personal information to yourself. Additionally, if you have a warrant or are trying to avoid someone, using a fake ID can help keep you off the radar.

3. Lower travel costs.

Traveling can be expensive, so any opportunity to save money is worth considering. Using a fake ID for travel can save you money in various ways. For instance, if you’re under the age of 25, car rental insurance can be extremely expensive, but a fake ID can allow you to rent a car without adding extra fees. Additionally, some activities like skydiving or bungee jumping may increase the cost if you’re underage, but with a fake ID, you can save money by avoiding the extra fees. 

4. Alternative identity and safety.

In some instances, carrying a fake ID can help prevent dangerous situations while you’re traveling. With a fake ID, you’re given an alternative identity to use if you find yourself in harm’s way. For example, if someone is being too forward with you at a bar, using a fake name and ID can give you an out without providing your real identity. A fake ID can also be a smart thing to carry in places where it’s not best to disclose your real identity, such as a single traveler in a sketchy area.

5. A sense of adventure.

Last but not least, using a fake ID for travel can simply offer a sense of adventure. Traveling is all about exploration, experiencing new things, and having fun. Using a fake ID can give you a sense of adventure and freedom to explore your destination on your own terms. While it’s important to exercise caution and be responsible when traveling, using a fake ID, if done wisely, can be a fun and exciting way to make the most of your travel experience.

While using a fake ID for travel may seem like a taboo subject, there are several advantages to having one. From greater flexibility in travel plans to lower travel costs, a fake ID can be a valuable asset on your journey. However, it’s essential to be responsible and use your fake ID wisely, keeping in mind that it is illegal and against the law.