Benefits of SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks is a form of voice over IP (VoIP) that allow companies to make use of their existing internet connection to make and receive calls. SIP trunking allows businesses to save on long distance costs, or even eliminate them completely, reducing overall call expenses. Even when companies choose to use their traditional phone lines, SIP trunks can be used as fail-safes in case a company’s primary connection goes down.

The benefits of using SIP trunks include cost savings and the ability for employees in different locations to connect with one another via conference calls. They also provide security for businesses because they encrypt all transmissions.

How Do SIP Trunks Work?

SIP trunks are always active and ready to handle calls at any time. Companies that have chosen VoIP services in the past might remember having to dial into a server to handle calls, which then connected them to the person they were calling. VoIP SIP trunks don’t require a dial-in process, so callers can get through more easily.

Companies that use SIP trunking can leverage multiple features available via their VoIP provider. For example, many providers allow customers to register multiple phone numbers with the same extension, which is ideal for companies with locations. You can check with Juno Telecoms for more information.

VoIP offers a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. Here are just a few of those advantages:

Call Quality

The sound quality of calls made through a SIP trunk is much better than what you’d get with traditional phone lines and hardware. There’s no degradation in the audio quality because the system uses special compression technology to make sure that calls don’t lose any data during transmission on the Internet.


SIP trunks offer flexibility for growing businesses that need to add employees or new lines as time goes on. SIP trunk services can be added on to your existing VOIP system without the need to upgrade an entire phone system. Your business’ communications needs can grow as you do so that you aren’t forced to invest in another phone system entirely when circumstances change.

Cost Savings

Over time, using VOIP trunks can save you money. They require less maintenance than traditional phone systems and they don’t incur costly fees for long distance calls or special access numbers like 1-800 numbers do. In addition, unlike with traditional phone systems, there are no hidden costs or taxes associated with using SIP trunks providing.