Actionable Tips on How to Start an Air Duct Cleaning Business

So, you have heard the duct cleaning business is a fast-growing industry. You want to jump into the fray and run your own duct cleaning company. How do you start? 

The building industry both commercial and residential is fast growing. As such, with the increase in number of buildings, so is the installation of HVAC systems which will eventually need duct cleaning services. 

There are a number of things you need to know to run a successful Salt Lake city Air Duct Cleaning business. These are the basics that will put you on the right path to run your business with ease. Each and every step is important and should be incorporated in the planning to make sure you succeed. 

Train and Get Licensed

The first thing is to have proper training on duct cleaning. You require good skills to be able to provide proper services to your clients. In some states, it is mandatory to be trained in order to be licensed. The training will give you knowledge on the ways you can execute your cleaning contracts and get referrals for more work. Depending on the state, the training could take a few weeks to complete and a certificate issued.

Once you have your training license, you need to be licensed by the federal or state authorities to provide duct cleaning services.  No home owner will allow you in their homes without being licensed by the authorities. A business license is given to operate in a certain jurisdiction.

Get the Right People and Equipment

It is crucial to have the right people on the job. When hiring individuals make sure they are trained for the job. Are they qualified technicians? You also need to do a background check on your employees. Check for criminal records on each individual. No one wants a criminal working on their premises. Some clients demand background checks on employees before signing a contract.

Having high end equipment will make the difference between a professional workmanship and a shoddy job. The latest type of equipment will ensure you do not miss a spot while cleaning the ducts. 

Get A Business Insurance and Bank account.

Running a duct cleaning business has challenges. Accidents occur, equipment can be damaged. It is vital you take an insurance to shield yourself from any accidents that may occur. It is mandatory in some states to have insurance if you have employees working for you. 

Clients also prefer companies with insurance. This is because an accident happening in their premise will not make them liable. This will be taken care by the insurance company.

The insurance will protect you in case of equipment loss. You can have your equipment replaced just as fast and go back into business. Failure to have and insurance will set you back to the starting point which might mean going out of business. 

You should have a business bank account too. This will separate your personal finances with the business money. Some cooperate clients require business accounts in order to facilitate payment once work is done.