A Handy Guide To Gmail Spam Folder

The internet is a boon for mankind but if there is one thing it lacks in then it is security. Identity theft and loss of personal security in this digital platform is very common. This means that there is no shortage of spammers in the online world. A spammer is someone who constantly sends messages that are unsolicited and are irrelevant on a digital platform or social networking site. They send it to an enormous number of users so as to promote or advertise their product and the like. Hence, here is how you can locate the gmail spam folder and make use of it or clear it.

Spam messages are usually sent out in a large quantity or in a bulk for commercial purposes and benefits. Even though some messages are sent to promote something indirectly, it does not mean that they are a threat. However, it can get quite bothersome and at times, done spam messages may turn out to be a threat.

Gmail Spam Function 

You may be wondering what does the gmail spam folder in your gmail account possibly come to use for. Here are some of its functions.

  • Gmail has a way to automatically identify messages or emails that are unsolicited and they send it directly to your spam folder.
  • This prevents the spam messages from appearing in your gmail inbox. 
  • It blocks the suspicious messages by marking them as spam so that you do not get annoyed by the continuous spamming. 
  • Any unwanted emails that are also referred to as junk is sent to the junk folder in order to declutter your inbox.

Spam folder location 

In order to locate the spam folder in your gmail account, you can do the following steps.

  • The spam folder is not displayed directly in one’s gmail account. You need to click on the gmail opinion and a list of labels will open up. 
  • Once the list opens up, you will see a list of labels and towards the bottom of the list, you will find the spam label. 
  • Click on this gmail spam folder and the spam mailbox will open up. 

There are times when the spam label may not be  displayed even in this section. In such a case, you need to go to the gmail account settings and click on labels and select the spam label and click on show. Once you do this, your spam label will then be displayed in the gmail section immediately. 

It is not uncommon to receive spam messages on a daily basis and this can really clutter your inbox. It can get very annoying and very bothersome as well. Hence, if there is no storehouse of these spam messages, you are sure to hate your inbox. Think about it, you see a pile of unwanted and unsolicited messages as soon as you open your inbox. This can be a very displeasing experience. Hence, the spam folder drives away all the junk from your inbox and keeps it clean.