7 Home Remedies To Cure Lice Effectively

Lice are a fundamental contagious problem in the human body that is mainly present in human hair. They are pretty small, tiny, wingless insects. The eggs of the lice are called nits. Are you wondering what causes lice, here are all about it. 

Although it is not a health hazard disease, the problems associated with it are pretty disturbing. In other words, it is a sign of poor hygiene. It is pretty standard among school-age children and preschool kids. The lice transformed from one body to other and spread throughout the household members. In general, it is of a one-eighth inch of the head lice. 


The life span of the lice is about 30 days. If they live without more than 1 to 2 days of the host body, they will not survive and die. To make its multiples, they require a host body. If they get a body, it will give more than 8 eggs at one time. It is easier to give eggs in longer and thicker hair than from lighter hair. There may be many problems like allergic reactions spread in the body. If taking medicine for a long time gives you further side effects. It is not a life-threatening problem, so it is easily cured by taking home remedies. 

Here we are going to help you how to get rid of the problems associated with the lice. Some of these remedies are as follows:

  • One can aid in a fine-toothed comb that is specially made to get rid of the lice present in your hair. 
  • It is imperative to take some pre-steps for a better result.
  • While taking medicine, ask your doctor, is the salt in it suits your body or not. 
  • You can also use essential oils that are used to kill the lice gently. 
  • There are many shampoos that is made to kill the lice and the related issues; use them. 
  • Clean your hair thoroughly at least thrice a week.
  • Use organic products for the proper wash of your clothes. 

What are the benefits of wet combing?

With the aid of a fine-toothed comb, one can easily remove all the nits and lice properly. You can also use some lubricants like the conditioner for the smoothening of hair so that it becomes pretty easy for you to remove all the nits from the hair. It is quickly crawled up from the clothes of the infected person to the other person. During a session, it is best to comb repeatedly as each time you observe some lice on it. It should be done regularly for 3 to 4 days until you will not be found anymore. 


From the above facts, it is determined what causes lice and how lice cannot be a life-threatening problem, but they should be removed as fast as possible. It creates many itching problems, and there might be a loss of blood. So it is removed as soon as one sees signs of it.