3 Best Reasons why your Unit Fails to function even after servicing

Air conditioners are the best machines to incorporate in areas that are prone to hot climates. If you love the breeze from your A/C, it will be annoying to find out that your unit still isn’t cold even after aircon servicing. Hot days are unbearable and having an efficient aircon might help you enjoy your home without stress. Thus, there are a couple of things that might be preventing your machine to function even after giving it cool and super services.

Moreover, you need to comprehend that when talking about your unit for servicing, not all parts must be looked into. In most cases, trying to check some of the normal parts in your system might trigger other parts to fail to function. It is always recommended to examine what is a miss and never touch other parts which are doing okay. Also, servicing those parts that were encountering severe failure might still fail to work.

In this article, we’ve shed light on some of the problems that might lead to your unit failure even after servicing. So, if your system had been disturbing you for a while and you need to find why you’re lucky to meet this post.

Without wasting time, let’s dive into the meat of it.

  1. Faulty power connections
  2. Filthy air filter
  3. Dirty Gas in the unit

Faulty power connections

In most cases, you might find a big problem leading to your system not working is a faulty power connection. Thus, it is prudent to always ensure that your power connection is on point. What do I mean? Some of the aircon service providers might have forgotten to turn the system on after service. If you are not vigilant on this aspect, your system might end up not working after you’ve removed it from your aircon service provider.

Therefore, if this is the case, you’ll be compelled to return to your aircon service provider to ensure that all connection has been placed on their right place. If they are unreachable, you can seek a circuit breaker and fuses. Ensure they are in a good position and power can reach the system. If this is the major problem, then immediately power is on, your system ought to start functioning.

Filthy air filter

Air filters primarily help to moderate the flow of air via the air conditioner and into the property rooms. So, to avoid messy tackles, you must ensure the air filter is always clean. This can be an issue making your unit fail to perform even after servicing.

In addition, when your filter is dirty, it will spoil the air freshness in your room. And can even cause disease emergence if you are not careful. Thus, this can be sniffed out by ensuring the servicing provider you are working with has effectively cleaned the filter when servicing your unit.

Dirty Gas in the unit

 This is another issue that can make your aircon fail to perform after servicing. As mention, it can be difficult to know which type of gas you are using since there are lots of gas providers in the marketplace. Therefore, several aircon clients have fallen into the trap of using dirty gas without bothering to inquire where to purchase an ideal gas for their A/C.

When in this situation, be rest assured that you’re A/C won’t work well until you find a clean gas.