10 Advantages of Working with a Small Business Insurance Company

When choosing the best business insurance company, bigger isn’t always better. However, small business insurance companies have many advantages over their larger counterparts. Here are ten advantages why you should consider working with a small business insurance company.

  1. They’re nimble. Smaller companies can move quickly to adapt to changing markets and needs. This means they’re often able to offer more innovative products and better customer service than their larger competitors.
  2. They have fewer layers of bureaucracy. This can make it easier to get things done and get the answers you need promptly.
  3. They tend to be more hands-on. Because they’re not as large, small business insurance companies often have a more personal touch. You’re more likely to work with the same people regularly, which can make building a relationship of trust easier.
  4. They may be more flexible in their coverage options. Small businesses have unique needs that may not be well-served by one-size-fits-all policies offered by significant insurers. Smaller companies may be able to tailor their coverage to meet your needs better.
  5. They know their stuff when it comes to small businesses. For example, large insurance companies may have generalists who don’t understand the nuances of insuring a small business. On the other hand, small business insurers deal exclusively with businesses like yours, so they’re more likely to be familiar with your particular risks and needs.
  6. They may offer discounts for belonging to certain trade groups or associations. For example, many small business insurers offer membership discounts that save money on your premiums.
  7. They understand the local market conditions where you do business. If you have multiple locations, working with an insurer that understands the unique risks faced by each one can be invaluable. Local knowledge can make a big difference when covering your risks effectively.
  8. They may provide educational resources specifically for small businesses. For example, many small business insurers offer helpful resources on their websites or through webinars and other educational programs explicitly targeting small business needs. These resources can help you learn more about risk management and how to protect your business effectively against common risks faced by businesses like yours.
  9. They usually have strong relationships with local agents and brokers. If you prefer working with a local agent or broker, partnering with a small insurer can give you access to those critical relationships. These relationships can come in handy if you need assistance filing a claim or answering questions about your policy. And because these agents and brokers typically specialize in serving small businesses, they’re likely to be familiar with the types of coverage you need.
  10. They offer competitive rates. An insurer is smaller doesn’t mean its rates will be higher than those offered by its larger competitors. Many smaller insurers are very competitive in pricing, so it’s worth getting quotes from several companies before deciding. 


As you can see, there are many advantages to working with a small business insurance company. From more personalized service and greater flexibility to lower rates and intimate knowledge of local market conditions, smaller insurers offer many benefits that aren’t always available from their larger counterparts. So if you’re shopping for business insurance, get quotes from both large and small companies to compare apples to apples and choose the best option for your business.